What we do

Asset protection

AK-Reliance Security Solutions Ltd are here to look after your assets, whatever those may be. Money, property or the transportation thereof – or even those that mean the most to you.

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Close protection

Each Close Protection package is tailored and unique to an individual threat assessment and takes into account your lifestyle and needs. Whether its terrorism, extortion or the risk of kidnap to you or your family. Our services are bespoke to your requirements.

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Door supervisors

Working the doors is about keeping your venue safe, as well as stipulating the laws and licencing conditions of the venue and making sure that all conditions are met to your satisfaction. We are the first and last face that your customers will see when they enter the establishment.

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Dog section

Our Dog handlers come fully trained, and they are all certificated in all training sections of the NASDU qualifications. They have Liability insurance for the K9 in use as well as public liability insurance.

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Corporate security

Corporate business is an ever-growing sector and to match the growth of profits and employees, security measures also need to be stepped up. With many years experience in delivering security to corporate clients, we have a wealth of knowledge to provide a variety of solutions for your business.

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Event security

With experience protecting trade events, festivals, concerts and parties, our qualified professionals can ensure the safety of you and your guests and ensure laws are adhered to.


We can provide key-holding services, allowing you peace of mind that no member of staff ever has to face an intruder since we will open and close your business for you. We can also provide alarm response services in the event of intruder detection.

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