Dog section

Dog Handlers are becoming an increasing part of our role in providing security services as society slowly becomes less disciplined and more people work together in theft, vandalism or even in violence. Having dog handlers can minimise the amount you spend on security as the dogs play a large role in protection and intimidation.

People in recent times are not that intimidated by human response so animals are being used more often. GP Dogs are skilled in speed, agility and discipline and are great at listening to commands from their owners. They can play a vital role in ensuring security.

Our Dog handlers come fully trained, and they are all certificated in all training sections of the NASDU qualifications. They have Liability insurance for the K9 in use as well as public liability insurance.

We will Protect your:

  • Properties
  • Houses
  • Estates
  • Possessions
  • Land
  • Construction sites (by the night time)

Our guys come fully equipped with long wheel based and marked vans, all accreditations and tactical visability vests.

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