Personal And Close Protection Services

AK-Reliance Security Solutions Ltd only recruit the very best and experienced close protection operatives, most of which have a military background. What’s more our team knows how to work together in order to provide the quality service we promise our clients.

Close Protection Packages

Each Close Protection package is tailored and unique to an individual threat assessment and takes into account your lifestyle and needs. Whether its terrorism, extortion or the risk of kidnap to you, or your family, our services are bespoke to your requirements.

We understand that discretion is key and our operatives are trained to be covert as well as overt depending on the situation and requirement. All of our operatives are highly qualified and hold both medical qualifications and UK SIA licenses in Close Protection.

All Of Our Operatives: 

  • Firearms trained.
  • Close quarter combat trained.
  • Evasive driving trained.
  • Carry out basic search techniques for people, vehicles and property/rooms.
  • Use basic surveillance, anti-surveillance and counter surveillance techniques.
  • Conduct a team briefing, handover and debrief.
  • Complete a threat and risk assessment.
  • Undertake reconnaissance, develop and implement an operational plan and manage an incident.
  • Produce primary and secondary route plans.
  • Carry out body protection and extraction of a principal.
  • Carry out Embus and Debus techniques.

Furthermore, we like our Clients to know that we are all about them. If you want us to protect your assets, property, family, or even your personal self in hostile areas, or even in non hostile areas where you don’t want to be hassled by members of the public. We use our best to make you feel safe so you can carry on about your business without a care in the world.

Personal Protection We Provide:

  • Drivers
  • Close protection operatives (CPOs)
  • CP dog handlers (secure your assets/properties)
  • CPOs for events (pop stars, high end clients)

Not to mention we aim to provide a higher standard of close protection for our clients. In fact Get in contact with us or check out what else we can do for your business.

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