How Security Dogs Have Improved Security

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Canines have acute senses and are extremely personable animals. This combination makes them amazing companions in itself, but they are an excellent addition to a security team. Companies have been turning to security dogs as a resource for security on their premises. So far it has been a great success and improved the efficiency of many teams.

The average security guard works eight-hour shifts, but security dogs are with their handlers 24/7. In some cases security teams accompany security dogs during overnight hours when the facility is closed. Security dogs are more effective than human security at finding both people and dangerous objects, due to their impressive sense of smell and incredible hearing abilities.

Why Security Dogs?

Man’s best friend seems the obvious choice (if you had to choose an animal) to join the workforce. Horses, pigeons, and a few other random creatures have all been used as work animals as they all have their own unique purpose. Dogs are companions by nature and work in packs, so they are great additions to any team. They can boost morale and motivation for the rest of the team, while also being alert 24/7 and ready to attack on command.

As mentioned before, dogs have an extremely great sense of smell and acute hearing. This makes them rather brilliant, natural alarm systems. They tend to wake up to less noise and have quicker reaction times than their human counterparts.

Security dogs have served as very important members of security teams for a long while now, allowing them to use their noses and ears instead of being completely reliant on technology. With the interesting mix of intelligence and independence security dogs provide, it’s no surprise that they’ve proven themselves to be just as valuable to their team.

Pros And Cons Of Having Security Dogs

There are numerous pros to having security dogs and a relatively small number of cons. Aside from the financial implications of training and hiring dog handlers, the benefits and pitfalls are worth considering.


Reaction time

Dogs have a quicker reaction time due to their keen senses. The average reaction time for a dog is 1/40th second, compared to the average human reaction time of 3/4 second.

A quick reaction time is more than useful in dire situations when you have to act fast. Dogs are able to detect and react much faster than humans so this makes them very valuable members of security teams.


It’s a well known that dogs are man’s best friend. Therefor, it’s no surprise we’d be asking them to join the workforce. Loyalty is also a very valuable attribute of any team member so it’s no wonder we value it in our canine counterparts.

Natural Weapons

Their teeth, claws, powerful legs and jaw make them excellent protectors and are instantly able to attack by their own intuition or when called to action. The fact that these animals can be trained to attack on command is a very useful asset to corporate security teams.


Make Natural Errors

Like humans, dogs make mistakes. False alarms aren’t the end of the world, but they can become tedious (especially if it happens often). Although we’ve found sometimes it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Require Attention And Care

Dogs are animals which don’t like to spend much time on their own. They can become anxious or stressed when they feel abandoned so they require frequent attention.

There is also a level of caretaking, much like when you have a dog as a pet. They need cleaning up after, food, water, walks, frequent grooming in some cases. So the upkeep, maintenance and attention that has to be given to a dog might not be worth it for some.

Life span

As morbid as it can seem, we do have to consider the unfortunate reality. If you’re going to spend the money, time and effort training a member of your team you want to know they’ll stick around.

We know security dogs are extremely loyal members of the team but their average life span is much shorter than a humans. So it’s definitely something to consider when you’re looking to expand your team.

To Summarise Security Dog Services

Security dogs are becoming more prevalent in corporate settings. They have been used for years by law enforcement agencies to detect explosives, narcotics and other hazardous materials at airports, courthouses and schools. Now they can be incorporated into businesses as a means of protection against theft or vandalism.

Dogs can be trained not only to find the intruders who pose threats to your business but also deter them from coming onto your property altogether. If you want help boosting security without sacrificing visibility or comfort on site, contact us today! We’ll be happy to provide an assessment of potential risks with our canine protection services. We can recommend the best solution for you.

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