AK-Reliance Security is looking for new opportunities

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Ak-Reliance Security Solutions LTD are looking for new Contracts to secure,

As we move into our second year of providing security services around as Sub-Contractor’s and our own venues and events, we are now currently going through our ACS accreditation to become Approved SIA contractors.

So if you have Construction sites to be secured 24/7 we can provide the service, manned by officers by day and manned by dog handler by night.

If you have Assets to be Protected then Our RST employees can cover these events. CPO, and Highly trained DS badge holders.

We are also looking into key holding for Schools, Businesses and Personal Properties so if you are away and want that extra security for your home, business or school then we can provide unique individual services for Key Holding services.

Event or festival security is an essential for the seasonal period, we can provide as a sub-contractor or even be the main supplier for you event/festival that needs covering.

Contact us to discuss your security requirements here.

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