Do You Have To Have Door Staff?

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A question many venues are faced with when considering their pub or bar. Do they need door staff, or can they get away without it?

Not every business needs to have door security. Whether or not you need any is entirely up to your company. It depends on what kind of atmosphere it wants to provide for its customers. If your company doesn’t particularly care about who comes in the front door then you won’t need doorman security services.

You are not legally required to have door staff. However, every venue needs at least one person manning the doors. It is always better to be safe than sorry. It’s a recommendation for bars and pubs with a high customer turnover to provide door staff at the entrance.

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What To Look For In A Professional Security Company?

When looking for a security company you need to consider the services you will be require for your venue. Buildings are very different and each offers their own unique challenges when providing security. Some companies offer a wide range of services including canine units and combat training. These are not something that all security companies will offer so it’s important to know the needs of your venue.

A reputable security company will do more than just hire doormen. They should also handle your CCTV footage, data protection and alarm systems. This way you can ensure that any activity which takes place within your premises is recorded. This can be for future reference if necessary.

What To Consider When Looking For Door Staff

If you are considering looking for a security company, there are some things you need to consider. Do you have to have door staff is the most frequently asked. Whether or not your venue can get away with not having them? You also need to consider how many of various types you will need. The ratio of female to male door staff if that is something that will be important for your company. Especially, if you require searches on premises.

Do you want uniformed security guards at the door? Just regular members of staff in your company shirts and coats? Do you require bar close services and what training do they all need?

The list can go on. However, this is all necessary information when choosing a security company you can trust to respect and protect your venue.

The doorman is the most visible security staff within any business. This may lead you to be quite critical of those who you have working for your business however it’s important to remember that the quality of service is the most important. Door security is usually required to be well kept and tidy for a professional setting.

Why Do You Have To Have Door Staff?

Depending on the venue, the necessity of door security is debatable. This being said, pubs and clubs should always have door security as they have valuable assets and staff that require protection in certain situations. It is always recommended that a place that serves alcohol also has security due to the unpredictability of how it can affect your customers.

Door staff are trained to identify individuals who may be under the influence of alcohol. They may need to take early preventative measures by removing them. If there’s no door security in place, it becomes a to risk people trying to enter your venue who are already drunk. They also prevent people smuggling in their drinks, illicit substances or weapons.

Another reason for having door staff is that they act as the first line of defence against aggressive behaviour or potential burglars. Security personnel can easily handle any unruly customer before things get out of hand.

Door staff do more than just keep your customers safe. Well equipped doormen can also be a large deterrent for any would-be criminals who are thinking about targeting your venue. If they see someone with an earpiece and clipboard checking IDs, they may think twice about whether or not they should go into that particular venue.

The Difference Between Security Guards And Professional Door Staff

First let us clear one thing up, door staff are not guards. This is not something that can be stressed enough. Do you have to have door staff? No. Do you want them? Yes. Do they look like guards in clipboard ties with earpieces and radios strapped to their belts? Yes.

Security Guards are employed by your local council or government agency and work for an unarmed public law enforcement agency whereas door staff are employed by private companies that are then hired by venues.

You do not want to confuse doormen with security guards. This mistake comes up time and again with many venues. It is important to make the distinction between doormen and security, as doormen are different from both bouncers and bodyguards.

Both door staff and bouncers are task-orientated workings in roles that involve dealing with confrontational situations. Their strength, training and appearance are usually enough to be sufficient in controlling threats. They do not however possess the same degree of authority as do security guards do.

Doormen also need to be personable individuals who are happy to handle difficult or awkward customers who might attempt to get past them at the door without paying or providing a valid form of identification.

Is There Anything I Should Know Before Hiring Door Staff?

Yes, there are some things you should know before hiring door staff. Do not hire anyone without doing the proper pre-employment checks; this is an easy way of saving yourself time and money. This may seem like an obvious thing to consider. However, can be easily forgotten in times of crisis if you’re in desperate need of new doormen.

Always ask for references. Contact them to ensure that the person you’re considering hiring is reliable, approachable and will show up to work on time. Do not forget to mention that your company may be contacting these people; doormen who aren’t reliable tend not to inform their past employers of this fact!

It’s also good practice to check whether your prospective employee has any criminal convictions or cautions. You can request a DBS disclosure where applicable which will provide officially authenticated information relating to unspent criminal convictions.

The disclosure and barring service doesn’t only check for criminal convictions. It is also used to protect vulnerable workers who may be exposed to unsafe individuals. Employee protections should be the main priority when choosing a security company. Door staff are to work closely with everyone working at the venue.

The requirements of doormen are generally flexible. Most do not need much in the way of qualifications, however, doormen must be at least 18 years old. This means they can work in venues where alcohol is sold or consumed.

This is a general rule however doormen do have to be either a British citizen, hold a valid work visa or you do have to have permission from the Home Office for them to work in the UK.

To Summarise

Whether you’re a nightclub owner who wants to ensure people are safe inside, or an event organizer looking for security at the entrance of your next conference. Door staff are necessary. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have; if there’s something valuable that needs protection – it will need someone guarding the doors!

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