About us

AK-Reliance Security Solutions Ltd is a Security company that will tailor its employees to suit your requirements. We provide proven, hard-working individuals with backgrounds in the Military that have worked in the CP industry for over 12 years. Our aim is to make you feel 100% safe at all times. 

AK-Reliance Security Solutions Ltd are looking for new contracts within the hospitality sector where we can secure businesses by using reliable professionals. We have experience securing high end clients with VIP status, large events, festivals and concerts along with local businesses and public houses.

Our company can fulfil any security requirement you might have – our company is structured to enable us to tailor a security solution to the specifications of each client.

  • Static security
  • Door supervisors
  • Close protection
  • Dog handlers
  • Corporate security
  • Event security
  • Asset Protection

All of our employees are fantastic at communication and great at defusing verbal and physical confrontations. They are equipped for all occasions. We are there to make your customers feel welcome and at home but with a sense of security as well.

Tailored security to meet your needs

Security is all about the protection of the public or person and the prevention of incidents such as:

  • Theft
  • Accidents
  • Criminal offences

Security is more vital to have in this day and age due to the rise in crime. We can secure events and venues to minimise theft, criminal offences and prevent harm to the public. 

Company history

AK-Reliance Security Solutions Ltd was formed in 2018 to put Security back on the map. We felt many companies had become so big that they forgot about the places that got them noticed. Our solutions are focused on making your business and hospitality successful while making sure that your clients and customers are secure and safe at all times.

We understand that we are the first and last face a customer may see, whether it is at an event, on the doors, carrying out close protection or even in the corporate sector. Our aim is to provide a customer-focussed operation where they feel safe and sound but also comfortable. We like to interact with customers, know the business of the company and help them sell their business, no matter the sector.

Contact us to discuss your security requirements here.